Queer Knaves in the Nave

‘Accompaniment’ comes at a price of apostasy. The scene at St. Patrick’s Cathedral reflects the decade-long Bergoglio regime – narcissistic, mocking, faithless, impious, and indecent.

Fiducia Supplicans came home to roost in all its rainbow feathers and sequins. No one should have been surprised by the “whore” drag queen show at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. It was entirely predictable as the radical homosexual circus is amped up in America by its ringleader James Martin, S.J. Nor was it a surprise to learn that Martin was invited to speak at the event. It beggars belief that the staff at the Cathedral was unaware of the notoriety of the decedent. One quick Google search and “Cecilia” Gentili appears in all his splendor and radical activism. Over 1,000 supplicants attended the event at St. Patrick’s, and no one is falling for the “we had no idea who Gentili was” excuse.

St. Patrick is turning over in his grave. Ireland’s once banished snakes are reemerging in the Church of Bergoglio, slithering down the nave of the once great Cathedral. Only a few months ago, Catholics were assured by Francis and Fernández that simple blessings of irregular couples, not unions, were merciful and pastoral. Nothing to fear, folks.

Oh, how fast is that slippery slope – as it catapults the Church into hosting a funereal drag show complete with boisterous shouts of the “Great Whore, St. Cecilia” and “Mother Whore,” men dressed as women sashaying on the high altar mocking the faith and the saints. In a blink of an eye, Lucifer disguised in feathers and leather enters the sanctuary screeching like a banshee.

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