Nearly All U.S. “Catholic” Women’s Colleges Admit Men Who Identify as Women

U.S. bishops idly stand by while Catholic institutions are destroyed by modernist ideologies.

When a media storm hit last fall after word leaked that a prominent Catholic women’s college in Indiana planned to admit males who identify as women, the school’s president seemed puzzled.

“We are by no means the first Catholic women’s college to adopt a policy with this scope,” Saint Mary’s College President Katie Conboy wrote in an email message to students and staff.

Conboy was right: The policy — which conflicts with Catholic Church teaching and Pope Francis’ repeated condemnation of what he calls gender ideology — has quietly become the norm at Catholic women’s colleges in the United States.

Five of the eight Catholic women’s colleges in the country explicitly say so on their websites. Two others don’t have such a statement on their sites, but an organization that aims to create “more inclusive LGBT-friendly colleges and universities” says officials at those institutions have confirmed that they accept transgender applicants.

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