Open Borders Christians Wage Open Warfare on Americans

I was asked to speak at a conference for Catholic women a few weeks ago. The topic was how to be a woman, a wife, a mother, and a Catholic in modern-day society. Sounds great, I told the organizers, I’m in!

About a week before the event, some “He gets us” types from outside that parish, and a few local parishioners, complained about me to the priest in charge.

Their complaint? I posted “hate speech” on the internet. One white lefty grandma found some of my tweets about the immigration crisis. In one of these, I expressed my frustration, despair, and exhaustion after witnessing millions of hooligans from around the world illegally running across our border, flouting our laws, burdening our police, and wreaking mayhem and violence in our cities.

There has been a constant flood of news stories about new arrivals from around the world raping, killing, selling fatal drugs, killing innocent people in DUI crashes, stealing, looting, and other insanities.

But this wave of violence sweeping the country doesn’t bother the Open Border Christians. They have turned a blind eye to the human suffering inflicted not just on regular Americans, but on the children getting sold, stolen, raped, trafficked, drugged, and abused by the immigration machine. Numerous videos show men clutching terrified toddlers who aren’t their children and can’t answer where they came from. Many children are drugged and turned into easy-to-transport luggage. Why? Because our viciously stupid border policies give “families” a free ticket anywhere they want to go. “Families” get to skirt regulations and are ushered to the front of the line.

None of this bothers the Open Borders Christians, however. The only thing that bothers them is “mean tweets” and closing the borders to criminals.

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