Archbishop Aguer: Confusion Of Francis’ Papacy Has Only Worsened As He’s Gotten Older

Philosophy has coined the following observation about processes that is particularly valid for change: motus in fine velocior, i.e., movement speeds up toward the end. Beyond the realm of physics, this should be understood as referring to the metaphysical identity and quality of any process near its end, near the fulfillment toward which it is directed. For example, consider a revolution: its governing law indicates that a situation is getting worse and worse and negative sides are increasingly showing their evil form.

This Aristotelian vision applies to Pope Francis’ papacy, which reveals its harmful condition inasmuch as it drags on as the pontiff gets older. In this case, speeding up is so innate that it seems like negligence. This is taking place through all the means privileged by papal action: the role of women in the Church and society, the greater “inclusion” of homosexual “couples,” ecumenism and interreligious dialogue, and the “theology of the people.”

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