Religious NGOs: The Hidden Players in America’s Illegal Immigration Crisis

NGOs, under the guise of humanitarian aid, are allegedly involved in transporting illegal immigrants into the United States using taxpayer funds. The who, what, when, and where of this situation read like a thriller, but the implications are all too real.

The Illegal Immigrant Industrial Complex (IIIC)

The term ‘industrial complex’ has become synonymous with churning masses of people, groups, foundations, and companies that stand between tax money and accomplishing a public goal. Their primary objective? Feeding the complex and obtaining as much money as possible. One such complex, the IIIC, is currently under scrutiny for its role in facilitating illegal immigration.

Immigrant Defenders Law Center (ImmDef) and Justice Action Center (JAC) are part of this complex. With budgets in the millions, they focus on immigrant justice through litigation and storytelling. However, their efforts extend beyond the courtroom as they actively block immigration reform and funnel funds to global hotspots like Ukraine.

The Role of Religious NGOs

NGOs such as HIAS and Catholic Charities receive government grants to aid immigrants in Latin American nations. However, these funds are not solely used for humanitarian purposes. Instead, they are allegedly facilitating illegal US southern border crossings, raising serious questions about the alignment of these organizations with traditional religious values.

These faith-based organizations have evolved from supporting legitimate refugee resettlement to enabling mass illegal immigration, creating an ‘immigration industrial complex’ worth billions of dollars.

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