Bishop Weisenburger Gaslights the Faithful on Illegal Immigration

Several days ago we published the story about O’Keefe Media Group infiltrating a secret illegal immigrant compound funded by the dioceses of Tuscon.  We encouraged lay Catholics to contact Bishop Edward Weisenburger to express their concerns about this situation.

One of our subscribers was kind enough to share with us the message he sent to the bishop along with the bishop’s response. As you will see in the bishop’s message, he’s tries to justify his operation by claiming none of the migrants being served are undocumented. He fails to address the fundamental question of whether these migrants illegally entered the United States.

Email Sent to Diocese of Tucson Bishop Edward Weisenberg:

I respectfully request that, employing the power of your office, you immediately and publicly demand for Catholic organizations to cease aiding and abetting migrants who are illegally entering the United States.

Bishop Weisenburger’s Response:

Thank you for your email message. I hope I can put your mind at ease by explaining that our Diocese has never, at any time, supported undocumented or “illegal” migrants.
I am very pleased to note, however, that for the last 6-7 years we have helped approximately 360,000 documented and legal immigrants brought to our Catholic Community Services facilities either by United States Border Patrol or INS (immigration and Naturalization Services). Each of these individuals, without exception, was approved by these government entities and then bussed to our doors. I also would note that we cooperated fully with Federal, State, County, and city leadership in Tucson, Nogales, Douglas, Yuma, and San Luis. Because of our efforts there were, before now, no street releases and these needy souls-caught in the midst of a humanitarian crisis-were helped along the way to where, in about 95% of the time, a family member or sponsor was waiting for them.

Our immigration system is profoundly broken-as is often referenced-but I am made deeply sad to note that there are those who would villainize all migrants, oftentimes for political reasons. Those of us who have met with and spoken with asylum-seekers encounter Christ Himself in the worst of situations, oftentimes just trying to stay alive or keep their children alive. In response to this humanitarian crisis I think it is critical for the faithful to always remember the words of Christ which apply to each of us: what you do to one of these, you are doing to me.
Again, I hope this puts your mind at ease. No undocumented or illegal migrants have been assisted through our Catholic entities.

Very sincerely yours in Christ Jesus,
+Edward J. Weisenburger


TAKE ACTION: Catholic Community Services is a part of the Diocese of Tucson. Contact the Bishop of Tuscon, Bishop Edward Weisenburger at or 520.838.2500 and let him know what you think about him trafficking illegal aliens.