Theologian Confirms Pope is an Advocate for the Ordination of Women

Italian theologian and religious Linda Pocher has confirmed that Pope Francis is in favour of the diaconate of women. As reported by the Spanish portal “Religion Digital” (Friday), the Pope is “very much in favour of the diaconate for women”, according to the Don Bosco sister, who teaches Christology and Mariology in Rome. The Vatican is currently trying to understand how the diaconate of women can be put into practice.

At the request of Pope Francis, the Italian theologian organised a discussion on the role of women at the most recent meeting of the Council of Cardinals from 5 to 7 February. One of the participants was the Anglican bishop Jo Bailey Wells, who was invited to present the Anglican Church’s experiences with the ordination of women. Among other things, the meeting focussed on “possible ministries for women in the Catholic Church”, but also on “possibilities that are already possible in the Church”.

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