Viganò: Francis Signals His Intention To Ordain Women

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò has declared that Pope Francis’ invitation to a female Anglican prelate to speak to the Council of Cardinals about “gender equality and the role of women in the Church” signals his intention to eventually “ordain” women.

In a message posted to X on Tuesday, Archbishop Viganò wrote, “Bergoglio intends to fundamentally change the concept of Holy Orders, placing alongside the Priesthood (reserved for men) forms of ‘non-ordained’ ministry for women, with a view to their sacramental ordination.”

The Vatican whistleblower anticipated the objection that Francis “does not want to make women deacons or women priests, much less women bishops, and that these are speculations put out by those who sow division among the faithful.”

“If that is the case, why did Bergoglio invite an Anglican ‘bishopess,’ i.e., a heretical, schismatic, invalidly ordained woman, to the Council of Cardinals meeting to speak about ‘gender equality and the role of women in the Church’?” he questioned.

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