Francis’ Disastrous Influence on World Affairs

I’ve written frequently about the great harm that Pope Francis has done to the Catholic Church as the result of his subtle and not-so-subtle attacks on Catholic teaching, Catholic tradition, Catholic morality, and Catholic liturgy.

But it’s also important to realize that his misguided views on world affairs have a similarly harmful effect on the lives of Catholics and non-Catholics all over the globe.

This is most obvious in regard to Francis’s encouragement of an open borders immigration policy. His campaign has been aimed for the most part at wealthy Western nations—particularly European countries. Francis regularly reminds Europeans that they have a duty to “welcome the stranger” and provide him or her with all the benefits that natural-born citizens enjoy.

Admittedly, some of the slogans that Francis and other advocates of open borders employ are hard to resist: “build bridges, not walls,” “the holy family were once immigrants,” “if you close the door on the immigrant, you are closing the door on Jesus.”

Of course, this “let-them-all-come-in” approach didn’t start with Francis. The majority of Catholic bishops have long been pro-immigration. In America, for instance, the welcoming attitude that Catholics extended to waves of European immigrants was bolstered by the fact that many bishops were themselves sons or grandsons of immigrants.

The story of immigration into Europe is a more complex tale, but by the end of the 20th century, most Europeans had bought into the idea that immigration was a good thing: it supposedly increased cultural diversity and added to the labor supply, thus keeping the European welfare state afloat.

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