Archbishop Wester Praises “Fake Catholic” John Podesta After Biden Climate Change Meeting

The Archbishop of Santa Fe, New Mexico recently praised Biden’s newly-appointed climate diplomat John Podesta for “listening” to religious leaders, despite Podesta’s controversial actions in recent years against the U.S. Catholics and their bishops.

On January 31 the White House announced that Podesta, an environmentally-focused politician, would be the next U.S. Special Presidential Climate Envoy. Podesta, a Catholic, founded the pro-abortion and pro-LGBT organization Center for American Progress in 2003.

Archbishop John Wester of Santa Fe, NM praised Podesta on February 2 in an article featured in Earthbeat, an environment-focused extension of left-wing news outlet National Catholic Reporter.

In a November White House meeting about climate change, Earthbeat reported that Podesta “listened attentively to the Catholic contingent as they cited Pope Francis’ new apostolic exhortation ‘on the climate crisis,’ Laudate Deum, in urging strong limits on pollutants from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.”

“The 45-minute encounter left Archbishop John Wester of Santa Fe, New Mexico, not only impressed by Podesta’s grasp of climate and environmental matters, but with the Catholic politician’s knowledge of church teaching on the subject,” Earthbeat wrote.

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