Could This Be Why Bishops Appear To Hate Trump And Love Biden?

During the past two presidential campaigns, many faithful Catholics were perplexed by what appeared to be a consistent campaign to undermine Donald Trump. In 2016, Pope Francis called Trump’s plan to build a wall on the US/Mexico border “disgraceful” and that Donald Trump “is not Christian.”  Then compare the reception that Trump received when he visited the Vatican on 2016 to that of Joe Biden in October 2021.

Pope Francis reportedly encourage Biden, self-identified “devout Catholic,” to continue to receive the Holy Eucharist in spite of his radical anti-Catholic policies, include abortion up until the point of birth, homosexual “marriage” and gender transition surgeries for sexually confused persons.

Most U.S. Bishops similarly remained silent regarding Biden’s anti-Catholic track record during the 2020 presidential race but were quick to call-out Trump when he reinstated the federal death penalty and opposed including illegal aliens in the U.S. census count.

Complicit Clergy may have found a reason that explains this stark difference – money.

The chart below compares immigration-related federal grants provided to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishop (USCCB) during the Trump and Biden administrations (click chart to enlarge).  These numbers come directly from USCCB financial statements which were only available through the year 2022 at the time of publication.

While Trump cut USCCB grants by 50% during his administration, Biden increased USCCB funding by over 150% during the two years of his administration.

Keep in mind these numbers only include Federal grants provided directly to the USCCB.  Our past analysis revealed a plethora of additional Catholic organizations who receive federal immigration funding as well (see chart below – click to enlarge).

Might this analysis help explain our bishops’ cold shoulders towards President Trump versus their friendliness towards the Biden administration?

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