Catholic Organizations Enabling Global Network of Illegal Immigration

The U.S. taxpayer and government—directly and indirectly—provide funding to various organizations in Central and South America that support migrant routes to the United States. Charities, some led by U.S. Catholic organizations, offer shelter and transportation, while local governments in Latin American countries provide shuttle services to migrants, moving them through pressure points and facilitating their journey.

Funds raised from U.S. church congregations often end up, unknowingly, in the bank accounts of places like the Human Rights Center Fray Matias de Cordova in Tapachula, Mexico. Organizations like these provide support to migrants—which is understandable—but they are also complicit in assisting migrants’ illegal entry into the United States.

Migrant and refugee organizations have curated immense profits from the global crisis. These organizations and their lobbyists do not want the situation to end. Hundreds of millions of federal immigration funds are allocated to Catholic immigration-focused charities annually. While many other examples exist, the Catholic immigration network is the most prominent.

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TAKE ACTION: Contact your bishop and demand that the Catholic church stop trafficking illegal aliens.

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