Would Jesus Use Razor Wire at Borders? Would He Gaslight People with Dishonest ‘WWJD’ Arguments?

You’re seeing it already: the attempt to snap Christians’ spines and render us invertebrates, to leash us via our heartstrings, to shame us into silence about the Biden regime’s lawlessness at the border.

As a Catholic, I’m used to this dreck. I’ve been inundated with open borders agitprop by professional Catholics for decades. Some of that, to be fair, was motivated by a perverse hatred for Western civilization and masochistic white guilt. But most of it was straight up self-interest, a craving for warm bodies in pews, and greed for gold.

My bishops made $3 billion helping with the human trafficking of immigrants into America — enough, dollar for dollar, to cover all the costs of settlements for the children whose rapes they enabled by hiding and shuffling pedophiles. Indeed, by this point the U.S. bishops conference is best described as an immigration pyramid scheme and a gay employment agency … with a Catholic problem.

Don’t start getting puffed up with pride at this point, my Protestant friends. Charitable and activist groups in your world are only five years or so behind the Catholic grift, and they’re learning fast. Evangelical truth-teller Megan Basham calls out just one egregious example here:

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