U.S. Bishops Once Again Advocate for the Illegal Invasion of Our Nation

Townhall reports:

While the Biden administration focuses its time and resources attacking the state of Texas for its work to take up the duty of enforcing the U.S.-Mexico border abdicated by the federal government, the crisis continues to worsen. December saw another new record for the number of illegal immigrants encountered by border agents at more than 300,000, and the alarming number of illegal immigrants whose identities are flagged in terror databases continues to be a risk our country can’t afford.

While Biden’s border crisis has been worsening since his first day in office, fixing it wouldn’t take much time according to National Border Patrol Council Vice President Chris Cabrera who sees firsthand, every day, how open-border policies enacted by Biden have created a massive draw for illegal immigrants from around the world.

“In 2005, they were gaming the system,” Cabrera explains of how the system has been abused for years. “When we would go to do the deportation process we would say ‘Do you want to return to your country without charges or do you want to see a judge?’ Everybody would say ‘We want to go back to our country, no charges,'” he recounts as we drive from Mission to McAllen. “Well, then they started saying ‘You know what, we want to see a judge.'” That meant border agents had to lock them up until they appeared in front of a judge. “Then so many people came we didn’t have any more bed space, so then that’s when catch-and-release started,” Cabrera recalls.

When Cabrera and other Border Patrol agents were allowed to act as immigration judges under the “expedited removal” policy, they were empowered to — as long as certain parameters were met — make the decision and say, “You know what, you’re going back.”

Once Cabrera and his colleagues could use expedited removal, the result was swift. “The Brazilians that were coming stopped the first day,” he tells me. Within the three or four days it took for people in Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras “to get the memo, it just dried up overnight.”

Such policies clearly worked to reduce the flow of illegal immigrants, but that was then.

This month, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) re-issued its memorandum opposing the use of expedited removal for illegal aliens. The very fact that Catholic bishops and charities rake-in millions of dollars each year in taxpayer funds aiding illegal aliens who want to bypass our immigration laws should disqualify them from having any say in this matter.

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