But WAIT… there’s MORE! Fernández’s Hot Texts Continue to Surface

La pasión mística, the ‘hidden’ book by the Prefect of the Doctrine of the Faith, which recently caused a stir, was not a youthful mistake. After 1998, there are three other books by ‘Tucho’ that have questionable chapters.

There is more than ‘La pasión mística’. Even if Cardinal Víctor Manuel Fernández tried to pass off his 1998 book and its “hot” contents to a single youthful mistake, just a glance at his complete bibliography reveals this is not the case. After the media uproar caused by the circulation of some salacious chapters from the work written when he was 36 years old, the Prefect for the Doctrine of the Faith defended himself to InfoVaticana by claiming that he had blocked the book immediately after its release and had asked for it not to be reprinted for fear of being misunderstood. But, the Daily Compass has discovered that Fernández continued to talk about orgasms and genitals in his theological essays even after 1998.

In 2004, in fact, the current prefect reintroduced in “Para Liberarte de la Ansiedad y de la Impaciencia“, published by São Paulo, a concept already expressed in “La pasión mística”. About the Word of God that invites us to stop “on every thing, on every person, on every small pleasure, on every activity”, he wrote on page 13: “When our whole being is unified in one direction, then we come to true encounter, fusion, perfect union, even if only for a few minutes. It is not necessarily a matter of physical stillness, because this experience can also occur in the midst of the excitement of a very intense activity. This happens, for example, in the orgasm between two people who love each other’.

The mystical orgasm also appears in another essay authored by the now over 40-year-old Fernández, ‘Teología espiritual encarnada : profundidad espiritual en acción‘, also from 2004 and also published by San Paolo. On page 212, Fernández addressed the theme of the life of a couple – but, unlike the previous quotation, contextualising it in the conjugal sphere – re-proposing the thesis already presented in 1998 of the divine presence in the sexual act by virtue of the pleasure it provokes: “the moments of life and joy (also sexual) are experienced as a participation in the full life of the Resurrection”.

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