Pope Francis Institutes Female ‘Lectors’ at Vatican Continuing ‘Rupture from Catholic Tradition’

Pope Francis instituted men and women in the ministries of lector and catechist in the Vatican Sunday, continuing the practice he began following his 2021 changes to Canon Law which has been described as continuing “the pattern of rupture from Catholic tradition.”

On January 21, Pope Francis instituted two women as lectors, along with seven women and two men as catechists. The individuals heralded from countries such as Jamaica, Brazil, Korea, Chad, Trinidad and Tobago, Bolivia, and Germany.

“Now you, by becoming readers, that is, proclaimers of the word of God, are called to cooperate in this primary commitment in the Church and therefore you will be invested with a special office, which puts you at the service of the faith, which has its root and foundation in the word of God,” Francis said to the lectors during the exhortation ceremony.

“You will proclaim the word of God in the liturgical assembly,” Francis continued. “You will educate children and adults in the faith and guide them to receive worthily the sacraments; you will bring the missionary proclamation of the Gospel of salvation to the men who do not yet know him.”

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