Why Catholics Should Ignore Pope Francis’ Pronounces in Laudato Si’

Contrary to the claims made in Laudato Si’, burning fossil fuels is beneficial where the CO2 emitted by fossil-fueled power plants promotes plant growth, increases food production, and increases the water-use efficiency and drought resistance of plants.

Statements made by Pope Francis and others in a documentary about the climate lack scientific basis and reflect an interpretation of humankind’s relationship with nature that is closer to that of a pagan than of a Catholic. In short, Pope Francis’s pronouncements should not be followed. 

Now available on YouTube, The Letter: Laudato Si Film (which translates to “Praise Be to You”) shows Pope Francis discussing the purported climate crisis with a group of invited guests. 

What is wrong with Pope Francis’s claims? For starters, while the climate is dynamic, there is no climate crisis. 

 As noted by Patrick Moore, a co-founder of Greenpeace who left the organization after its adoption of an anti-human world view: “The climate of planet Earth has never stopped changing since the Earth’s genesis, sometimes relatively rapidly, sometimes very slowly, but always surely. Hoping for a ‘perfect stable climate’ is as futile as hoping the weather will be the same and pleasant, every day of the year, forever.” 

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