Catholic Convert Says Same-Sex Attracted People Need to Hear ‘The Hard Truth’

“To diminish God’s word is to undermine what God is capable of doing,” recent Catholic convert Nancy Charles posted on X, challenging Catholics who propose a more “accepting” outreach to same-sex attracted individuals.

Charles meant those words in reference to her own life, but she was also speaking about the fact that many Catholics don’t tell same-sex attracted people the truth about their sexuality.

“There seems to be this notion among liberal Catholics that in order for the LGBTQ community to feel welcome in the Church, that we must cater a new type of message for them,” she said on X. “We treat them as fragile and unable to hear hard truths.”

Charles, a Catholic recovered drug addict who lived a LGBTQ lifestyle for 15 years, shared on X that “the truth is the most loving that you can give to someone,” whether they want to hear it or not.

At one point, the only person who would tell her the truth about her life was her brother, Joshua. After years of substance abuse and rounds of rehab, Charles was living in a halfway home and making just enough money to maintain her spot in the home. It was a difficult time for her, and she even seriously considered suicide.

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