WATCH: Is the Pope a Communist?

In this episode, Katherine Gavin and Mark discuss the question of whether Pope Francis is a communist in the light of his recent meeting with DIALOP – a “dialogue project” between socialists/Marxists, communists, and Christians which he set up in 2014.

They explore the connection between Pope Francis and liberation theology, highlighting the concerns about his association with Marxists. The conversation delves into the conflict between communism and Catholicism, emphasizing the differences in views on human nature, collectivism, and the use of power.

The hosts also discuss the need for a re-evaluation of the relationship between the Pope and the Magisterium, as well as the importance of understanding original sin. The episode concludes with a discussion on the problematic theology of Cardinal Manuel “Tucho” Fernandez and his connection to sex magic revealed in his recently rediscovered book and the parallels with the abuse carried out by the disgraced Jesuit Marco Rupnik.

The conversation explores the challenges faced by Catholics in discussing the actions of the Pope. It emphasizes the importance of defending the office of the Pope while acknowledging the abuse of power by the incumbent. The need to tell the truth with humility and awareness of one’s own flaws is highlighted. The conversation concludes with a call to continue praying, fasting, and never giving up on the Church.