Cardinal Gregory, Why Must Children Take Abortion-Tainted Jabs To Get A Catholic Education In DC?

If the Archdiocese of Washington (ADW) wants to observe National Catholic Schools Week this year, it might start by realigning its administrative policies with the teachings of the Catholic Church.

This includes not only the responsibility to uphold the dignity of human life from conception until natural death, but also rights of conscience – particularly for parents – when it comes to refusing vaccines produced or tainted by human cells lines derived from direct abortions.

Shamefully, ADW does not afford this freedom of conscience to families within its jurisdiction. For two decades, families requesting exemptions for morally objectionable vaccines – or any others – have been consistently denied admittance to archdiocesan Catholic schools. This McCarrick-era policy has been perpetuated by ADW with disturbing fidelity.

But the archdiocese is in conflict with its own Catholic identity in more ways than one.

Besides the disdain for Catholic teaching that regards life as sacred from conception, the ADW also ignores the primacy of a person’s well-formed conscience and the right of parents to be able to choose Catholic education for their children.

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TAKE ACTION:Contact Cardinal Gregory at 301.853.4500 and ask him to rescind the policy requiring children to take abortion-tainted jabs.

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