WATCH: Catholic Charities Enabling the Illegal Invasion of our Nation

Ben Bergquam and Tai Decker, two independent journalists and documentarians, filmed their discoveries during an investigation into the Biden border crisis in Arizona, and they each expressed frustration with the massive amount of human suffering and human exploration they see as a result of open US borders.

There are moments of rising tensions between Bergquam and leftist activists who taught Bergquam and shone a bright light in his face to harm him.

Nonetheless, the two patriots continue in their reporting. As Bergquam and Decker approached the area, activists for the NGOs came to the car to bully the two reporters. They clearly identify Bergquam from his past work and then follow him around the campsite, clearly trying to intimidate him from reporting on what he sees.

The activists try to disrupt Bergquam’s broadcast with various means, including telling the invaders not to talk to him.

Bergquam and Decker gave their commentary and talked about the lack of any law enforcement in the area and the consequential increases in illegal immigration that are harming foreigners and the United States.

Decker identified the type of encampments seen at the wall as “guerrilla camps,” which are very similar to what has been detected in San Diego, California. Bergquam said that the encampments were being set up by enemies within the country who were aiding the Mexican cartel to invade the USA.

“Catholic Charities trains people to break asylum laws, invites them to the US, and requests $100 million in funding from the taxpayers to do,” Bergquam said as he panned the area showing the camps, fires, people covered with blankets that were covered with the words: Catholic Charites, and their logo.

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TAKE ACTION: Contact your bishop and demand that the Catholic church stop trafficking illegal aliens.


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