US Catholics Must Rally for the Removal of the Pope’s Pervy Prefect

For a million reasons, Fernandez has to go. For the sake of the future of the church, I urge my fellow American Catholics to make their voices heard in this regard. Whether this entails a collective closing of the wallet or some other type of campaign, I will leave to more able activists. But we must not stand by and allow this type of deviancy free rein in our church. Never again — not now, not ever.

Every time you think news out of the Vatican can’t get any weirder as we approach the end of the Francis papacy, another high-ranking, well-connected cleric asks for his beer to be held.

This week, Cardinal Victor Manuel Fernandez, the prefect of the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith, came under fire over the discovery of a hardcore erotica book he authored in the late 1990s while serving as a priest in his native Argentina. Fernandez, who was handpicked by fellow Argentine Pope Francis for the lofty position in 2023, is commonly considered the second-most powerful figure in the Vatican and a potential papal successor.

To be clear, the book, titled Mystical Passion: Spirituality and Sensuality, is not the exquisitely sensual religious poetry of St. John of the Cross. It is pure smut. And perhaps worse for a man of Fernandez’s distinction, it’s second-rate smut: unimaginative, misogynistic, and downright creepy.

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