Vatican Official Says St. Peter’s Basilica Will Bless Homosexual ‘Couples’

Clergy at St. Peter’s Basilica will bless same-sex couples.

According to a report in the Italian newspaperIl Messaggero today, the archpriest of Rome’s most famous church, Cardinal Mauro Gambetti, has stated that blessings of homosexual couples could happen there.

“To show the world the maternal face of the Church and along the lines of what [Pope Francis] has asked for,” Gambetti reportedly said.

However, he added that as yet nobody has asked the canons of the basilica for such a blessing.

“It doesn’t seem to me that reports have come in,” the cardinal stated and added that they, presumably the clergy of the basilica, “will move straight along the furrow that has been cut.”

Gambetti made the remarks during a press conference about the upcoming restoration of Bernini’s famous baldacchino.

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