Pope Warns Human Gluttony Is ‘Killing the Planet’

Pope Francis offered an extended reflection on the sin of gluttony Wednesday, calling it “the most dangerous vice” because it is “killing the planet.”

“The way we eat is the manifestation of something inner,” the pontiff said during his weekly general audience in the Vatican, “a predisposition to balance or immoderation; the capacity to give thanks or the arrogant presumption of autonomy; the empathy of those who share food with the needy, or the selfishness of those who hoard everything for themselves.”

The pope went on to speak of “social” gluttony, in reference to the way human beings exploit the planet.

“If we interpret it from a social point of view, gluttony is perhaps the most dangerous vice, which is killing the planet,” he said, since “the voracity with which we have been plundering the goods of the planet for some centuries now is compromising the future of all.”

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