Cardinal Dolan Claims Illegal Immigration is Good for the Church

Regardless of any motions that the bishops might adopt every four years affirming the “preeminent issue of abortion,” immigration continues to consume most of their energy.

One factor is money. Our bishops receive no federal funding to support their opposition to abortion, but for their Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) operations facilitating Joe Biden’s immigration policies, they receive millions in taxpayer dollars every year.

That funding, and the myriads of the USCCB’s secular operations that it pays for, have drawn increasing attention in recent years.

Last month, Archbishop Timothy Cardinal Dolan of New York offered a valuable insight into how this all fits into the current agenda of the American hierarchy.

On December 21, in a roundtable discussion sponsored by the Center for Migration Studies of New York, Cardinal Dolan painted an intriguing picture of the USCCB’s approach to immigration.

And he didn’t mention the money at all.

Mario Russell, discussion host and the Center’s Executive Director, opened the conversation by asking, is today’s immigration wave any different from those we’ve experienced earlier in history? “I would say no,” he says. But “something does feel different now … Perhaps it’s a gradual letting go of empathy, or compassion … Many have [been] using demeaning, derogatory and dehumanizing rhetoric that stirs nothing but fear, difference and division.”


But millions of Americans who object to the flood of illegal aliens that are swarming over our borders aren’t buying it. And now that they’ve learned more about the role of our bishops in that invasion, they are not at all pleased.

For Cardinal Dolan, these illegals are no different than his own Irish forbearers. But his Irish grandfather and mine were legal immigrants, of course, unlike the tens of millions of illegal aliens now residing in the United States.

Dolan dubs these illegals “immigrants” because the label confers on them his apostolic blessing: for the cardinal, they are here legally – and permanently.

It’s magisterial.

But what’s really behind the bishops’ pro-illegal crusade?

“It is good for us as a country and a church to welcome the immigrants,” Dolan says. “We’re at our best, it calls forth what is most noble within us, and it helps our nation and it helps our Church.”

How interesting. “It helps our Church.”

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