Major Illegal Immigration Scandal Rocks Italy’s Catholic Church

A significant scandal has recently emerged within the Italian Catholic Church, implicating high-ranking church officials, including cardinals and archbishops, in a scheme of organizing and financing illegal migration from Africa to Europe.

Investigations led by the prosecutor’s office in Ragusa, Sicily, have uncovered troubling connections between several Italian dioceses and the George Soros-tied NGO “SOS Mediterranea,” accused of aiding and abetting human trafficking under the guise of refugee aid.

Financial Ties and Controversial Figures
The investigations have revealed that these dioceses channeled at least €2 million into operations alleged to support illegal migration. Notably, some funds reportedly ended up in the personal accounts of pro-immigration activists. Key figures implicated include Cardinal Matteo Zuppi of Bologna, Archbishop Corrado Lorefice of Palermo, Archbishop Domenico Battaglia of Naples, Archbishop Erio Castellucci of Modena, and Archbishop Giovanni Ricchiuti of Altamury. Additionally, Cardinal Jean-Claude Hollerich of Luxembourg is also on the donor list, having contributed €25,000 to these questionable activities.

Central to this scandal is Luca Casarini, a prominent left-wing activist and a key figure in the NGO “SOS Mediterranea.” Known for his involvement in the 2001 G8 summit protests in Genoa, Casarini has long been under scrutiny for his radical methods and unscrupulous tactics in illegal migrant transportation. These protests, marked by violence and chaos, highlighted his controversial role in the activist community.

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