Where Are The Good Guys?

In the military, all servicemen know the mantra, “Leave no man behind.” They know, deep down in their gut, that if they fall or are wounded on the field of battle, their comrades in arms will move heaven and earth to get them home.

Today, in the Church we have a man down. His name is Cardinal Raymond Burke. He has taken one for the Team, and been stripped of his retirement and residence, purportedly for working to subvert the mission of the Church.

In truth, the Cardinal has been made an example, a warning to other churchmen who might presume to defend doctrine and Truth in the public square. And we have all heard that there are many good churchmen in the wings, in the shadows, who stand with Cardinal Burke in defense of the Church. But if these shadow men will not step into the light, what good is their orthodoxy? The microphone, the camera, and the narrative have been confiscated by liberal forces.

If any Cardinal would make a public statement of outrage over the breach of protocol in the restrictions imposed upon Cardinal Burke, his voice would speak simple justice aloud. If one bystander had dared to proclaim that the emperor had no clothes, all those on the sidelines could have spoken their inner agreement aloud.

But we wait. And we ask, where are the good guys? Where is the brotherhood of the Cardinalate coming to the defense of a man down? A man being treated with injustice. A good and (yes) meek and deferential, but unashamedly orthodox, man.

And so, we are left questioning Our Lord. Why are You allowing this to happen? Why don’t You protect Your Church? And there is no response, because Our Lord has entrusted His Church to the hands of men. Good men. Where are they?

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