Cardinal Dolan Lectures Catholics on Illegal Immigration

Catholics are rebelling against their religious leaders’ pro-migration policies, and the Catholic leadership must set them straight, Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York said in an interview on December 21 with the Catholic-run Center for Migration Studies (CMS).

“We were about ready — [with] Catholic Charities — a year ago to turn that [empty New York City] school into a school for immigrant kids, who would come in, and we’d help them with their English. We would help them get up to speed when it comes to their eventual insertion into one of our schools,” the Catholic Cardinal said.

“And the people in that parish … rebelled and said, “Absolutely not, we will not have them here,” said Dolan, who watches over the massive government-funded, migrant-delivery process operated by the legally independent Catholic Charities USA.

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Dolan also dismissed criticism from “bigots” in Congress and asserted that he and other bishops get “hate mail … saying, ‘We’re tired of you bishops being hung up about the immigrants, and we’re not going to support you anymore.’”

“This is part of our Catholic responsibility to do this, and this is part of that pro-life ethic that gives a lot of flavor to our evangelical witness,” he said, adding, “I am honored to receive criticism and to be maligned for defense of the immigrant.”

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