Same-Sex Blessings and the Case Against the Pope

“Who does this guy think he is?” you might be asking yourself. That’s a fair question. It’s true that I’m not a bishop. I’m not a priest. And I’m not a theologian either. So why should anyone pay attention to what I have to say on the matter when so many actual experts are already addressing this controversy? The reason is because, five years ago, prompted by the ex-Cardinal Ted McCarrick revelations, I started doing research on the sexual abuse scandal.

That research led me to the discovery of a heretical theology that promoted gay equality in the Church. This movement, and its chief architect, Charles Curran, were condemned by Pope John Paul II.  To my shock and horror, I discovered that all the same heretical ideas were expressed in Amoris Laetitia.  So in May of 2019, I published my findings in a short book  in which I predicted that the promotion of Amoris Laetitia would lead to the spread of gay equality in the Church. Seven months later, my theory was entirely vindicated by three events in December of 2019:

  • The German Bishops’ Conference issued a press release announcing the opening of their national synod. The purpose of their “synodal way” was to change Church teaching on homosexuality to reflect new “scientific” research, which, they claimed, demonstrated homosexuality to be normal. They cited Amoris Laetitia to justify this heresy.
  • The Vatican’s Pontifical Biblical Commission issued a press release announcing the publication of a new book which declared that the Bible was not qualified to answer contemporary moral issues like homosexuality. Instead, the book argued that we need science to answer these questions.
  • In his Christmas address to the Curia, Pope Francis declared that the Church was 200 years behind the times and that we need science to catch up.

As I have observed many times, there is an unmistakable theme in these three closely timed statements. All three of them declare that the Church suffers from a deficiency that can only be remedied by the help of scientific authority. The Church’s authority from Scripture and Tradition is simply inadequate and unreliable.

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