The Gay Persecution of Pastors Has Begun and It Will Only Get Worse, Thanks to Pope Francis

Well, that was quick. I wrote some 48 hours ago that Pope Francis had intentionally opened the floodgates of abuse against faithful Catholics — especially pastors — with the Vatican’s recent document directing priests to bless homosexual relationships in church. (Yes, the document was cleverly phrased, with just enough wiggle room to permit Catholic Scientologists to hypnotize themselves into thinking that the pope had not betrayed us. But nobody’s really fooled.)

And lo and behold, it’s already happening. No, not yet the tsunami of litigation targeting faithful priests who refuse to sprinkle holy water on sodomy. Those briefs are already being drawn up, however, in the white shoe law firms that serve the LGBTQMYNAMEISLEGION juggernaut. They will appear in due time, against carefully targeted clergy, with the same strategic direction as the suits against Christian bakers and wedding planners. And the bishops in charge of those priests will be given the option of firing those priests — kicking them to the curb with no salary, no pension, no place to live — as the price of dodging those lawsuits. Thus Francis the Machiavellian can use the shock troops of Sodom to purge the Church.

Outsourcing Persecution to the Public

But we aren’t there yet. That’s the wholesale persecution, which eventually will include criminal charges of violating gay couples’ “civil rights” from the same Justice Department that’s already infiltrating traditional Catholic churches in Virginia.

For now, what we’re seeing is retail, volunteer, grassroots persecution by individual homosexuals of priests whom they suspect of holding to biblical morality. See this X post by a popular, solid priest:

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