Why the Radicals Need to Hide Their Real Agenda

If Hitler had clearly articulated his demonic plans from the beginning, very few Germans would have followed him. In the same way, it was only after Fidel Castro came to power that he openly declared that he was a Marxist-Leninist. Had he done so earlier, clearly and in no uncertain terms, he would have undermined his efforts to win the masses.

To be sure, there are some radicals who openly declare their destructive ideas up front, like the White supremacist, so-called Christian Nick Fuentes, who has stated that when his side comes to power, they will impose a death penalty on Jews and others. (Not surprisingly, Fuentes has also praised Hitler.)

This, however, virtually guarantees that such movements will remain relatively small and insignificant.

They will certainly not captivate the masses unless the nation as a whole loses its mind.

In contrast, radicals on the left or right who want to persuade large sectors of the population often adopt a different strategy, cloaking their extremism in more moderate views. Then, after the masses have become sufficiently duped and desensitized, the more extreme goals can easily be introduced.

Think for a moment about the trajectory of LGBTQ+ activism.

Had national leaders said up front, “We look forward to the day when thirteen-year-old, trans-identified girls can have full mastectomies and young men can compete against young women in sports,” they would have garnered much less support.

Had they said, “We look forward to the day when Christians will be jailed if they refuse to grant gay marriage licenses, and we can’t wait to see drag queens reading to toddlers in libraries,” they would have been rejected outright. And had they been represented primarily by nearly naked men whipping each other at gay pride events, their movement would have fizzled within months.

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