Normalizing Sodomy: The True Legacy of Francis

A few days ago, the head of the former Holy Office, Cardinal Victor Manuel Fernandez, went out of his way to let the world know that single mothers who repent and confess their sins should be allowed to receive Holy Communion. NEWSFLASH to Cardinal Victor: The Catholic Church has never said otherwise.

I was educated in Catholic schools from the first grade all the way though Catholic university, and I never heard any priest, sister, or lay professor even suggest that an unwed mother was to be considered excommunicated and therefore cut off from the Sacraments.

So, what is this apostate clown talking about?

The rhetorical technique is called a “straw man argument,” and it is Team Francis’s go-to play every time they’re about to throw another doctrine under the electric bus.

This morning, we learn of a new Vatican Declaration on “blessing gay unions”, which Team Francis insists does not change the Church’s “doctrine regarding marriage.” Well, of course it doesn’t! That was never the issue, and they know it wasn’t! That’s just a little thing they do, whereby they drape the front door in an obviously orthodox cover so that they can ramrod the real objective through the backdoor.

And in anticipation of the inevitable response from faithful Catholics to their latest outrage, Team Francis goes on to insist that this blessing of gay unions “does NOT signify approval of the union.” Good to know! So, how about we submit another dubia to Team Francis, asking them to clarify whether or not it is okay for the Church to bless pedophile priests who hang NAMBLA flags off the front porches of their rectories. Would that be okay? If not, why not?

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