Bergoglio’s Election Was Celebrated By The Freemasons And He Continues To Advance Their Agenda

Dialogue dominates the decade of Bergoglio.

Dialogue litters the language of Bergoglio’s apostolic exhortations and encyclicals.

Dialogue was the justification for the deadly CCP secret deal.

Dialogue was the justification for the Abu Dhabi Declaration.

Dialogue is the prevailing thesis of Liberation Theology.

Dialogue is the hallowed commandment of Freemasonry.

Dialogue is the crux of Bergoglio.

Dialogue is now a laughable punchline for the Synod on Sin.

But it’s not humorous; it’s deadly serious.

Dialogue animates the grave question “Is the Pope Catholic?”

Now, a sobering analysis of a decade of disasters.

I met Jorge Bergoglio in early November 2013, a mere 6 months after his election. I was eager to attend the first pontifical human trafficking conference held inside the Vatican; it was sponsored by the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences. As a child advocate attorney, I expected to hear a profoundly Catholic solution to the global scourge of human trafficking.

But there was no mention of evil as the existential cause of this predatory criminal enterprise. Instead, the Vatican was promoting a modern globalist revolution. It was hellbent on secular solutions, such as a global minimum wage as the solution to the evil of human slavery and sexual exploitation.

In attendance were leftist bureaucrats from the Obama Administration, radical UN operatives, and globalist activists from NGOs. I observed Bergoglio closely and was deeply disturbed by his overtly political demeanor.

The entire conference left me shaken. My soul was rattled by this very un-Catholic experience in the very heart of the Vatican and in the prolonged presence of Francis.

The Holy See suddenly seemed like enemy territory. I felt a sense of dread and was left with the profound impression that an un-Catholic agenda was underway in this pontificate.

A colleague turned to me halfway through the conference and asked, “Are we the only pro-lifers here?”

This chilling question summed up the conference, and a pattern would soon emerge as Bergoglio praised Emma Bonino, Italy’s foremost pro-abortionist — a woman who bragged that she and her group had aborted over 10,000 babies, as “one of Italy’s greats.”

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