“Shocking” Impact of Church Lockdowns

The impact of closing churches and other places of worship during the Covid-19 pandemic has been revealed in a major new study.

A survey carried out by the Catholic Union found that 62 percent of people said that their physical or mental health had been affected by church closures.

The survey also found that 90 percent of people thought that places of worship should be treated as “essential” services alongside food shops and healthcare facilities in any future pandemic, meaning they would not be forced to close.

The survey of almost 1,000 people is the first major study of Catholic attitudes towards the closure of churches during the pandemic and the impact this had on people’s wellbeing.

One responder to the survey described the church closures as “one of the most distressing experiences of my life”. Another said, “I became very depressed – it felt a part of me was missing.” Someone else added, “I live alone and going to daily mass is the most important event in my life”.

Catholic Union President, Baroness Hollins, described the results as “shocking”. The Crossbench peer, who recently took over as the group’s President, said that “it’s clear from these results that places of worship should never be forced to close again.”

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