Defendant Says Vatican Prosecutors Living in a ‘Parallel Reality’

“Is there maybe criminal activity? I believe that there is, yes,” Mincione told The Pillar. “But it’s solely within the Vatican. For example, if there is a misuse of Peter’s Pence funds in the Secretariat of State, or bad accounting, or all of these things, that is a Vatican crime for Vatican people.”

Lawyers for the businessman who sold a London building to the Secretariat of State accused Vatican prosecutors of living in a “parallel reality” Monday, during the financial trial’s 80th and penultimate hearing.

The legal team for Raffaele Mincione, the Anglo-Italian investment manager, told judges in the landmark trial that the prosecution’s case was “warped from its birth” to try to prove a grand conspiracy hypothesized by Alessandro Diddi, the Vatican City’s promoter of justice.

“There is a conviction, and the material that has been acquired is oriented to confirm that prejudice,” Mincione’s lawyers argued Dec. 4.

“The truth of the facts, the documentary evidence, has been bent on one person’s convictions.”

The trial, due to hold its final hearing later this week before the judges retire to consider a verdict due in 10 days time, is now in its third year, having begun in July 2021 when prosecutors deposited a 500 page indictment charging 10 individuals with a host of financial crimes.

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