WATCH: Vatican Employed ‘Mafia’ Tactics to Stop Public Support of Bishop Strickland

Imagine if there was a group of Slovak journalists who sought to go into St. Peter’s Square with a banner supporting Bishop Joseph Strickland following his removal by Pope Francis. Then imagine if the Italian police confiscated their banner and detained two of the journalists for hours after admitting that it was because of the banner.

Anna Kulanová, a Slovak journalist with Catholic news organizations Christianitas and Fatima TV, alleges that this very thing happened to her and her husband after attending the Rome Life Forum this year – and she says she has the evidence to back it up. She joins me on this important episode of The John-Henry Westen Show.

According to Kulanová, she, her husband, and a crew from Christianitas and Fatima TV attempted to enter St. Peter’s Square for a Sunday Angelus with a banner depicting an image of Bishop Strickland and the phrase “Slovakia stands with Bishop Strickland,” with Kulanová carrying it.

When the Italian police asked to see what was on the banner, not knowing who Strickland was, she told them it was a bishop and a holy man. When the police called “higher places” to see if Kulanová could enter the square, she asked if anything was the matter, to which they responded that they needed to find out who Strickland was and that she would have to wait for a moment. She showed the police her ID, they took pictures of it, and assured her she would not miss the Pope’s Angelus address.

The tenor of the meeting soon changed, however.

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