Lepanto Institute Exposé Results in USCCB Cutting-Off Funding to Extremism Group

“[Lori Hawkins] is kind of an extremist… [She’s] 100% in favor of and total acceptance of all of those things, and the person that’s writing all these things is pushing the very things the diocese is rejecting,” said Father Gerry Hessel of St. Mark Catholic Church in Kenosha. “These things” that Father Hessel is talking about are the issues that failed political candidate Hawkins supports. Hawkins, like many democrats, supports abortion until birth for any reason, radical LGBT issues, pediatric genital mutilation, pornography in schools, and anti-gun policies. CUSH also condems “Christian nationalism.”

Hawkins is the executive director of Congregations United to Serve Humanity (CUSH) and the chairman of Kenosha County Democrat Party. The members of CUSH are mostly fringe churches like Jonathan Barker‘s “Grace Lutheran Church” and “Bradford Community Church Unitarian Universalists.” This is the church that had its Black Lives Matter sign burned during the riots of 2020, and it considered by Wikipedia to be a liberal church. This church doesn’t universally believe in God. There are two churches on the list of CUSH members that aren’t fringe. At least, shouldn’t be – St. Mary’s and St. Mark’s.

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Kenosha County Eye reached out to Kenosha Priest Roman Stikel several times by email and phone. He wasn’t interested in talking about this issue.

Deacon Ron Lesjak of St. Mary’s did however speak to KCE. “I’ve always been a democrat and pro-union,” Lesjak told KCE. “People in the LGBT community need to be treated with justice and fairness. CUSH helps with that, and that’s why I’m a part of CUSH.” He didn’t address the more radical issues that CUSH supports. Lesjak is a board member at CUSH.

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