Austen Does Damage Control

Uh, oh. Looks like somebody ran a poll and found out that the spin about taking Cardinal Burke’s apartment away didn’t fly too well. So now we’re on day two of attempting to make this look good.

What Pope Francis said about Cardinal Burke

by Austen Ivereigh – November 29, 2023

What did Pope Francis say? Who in the heck knows??? According to Austen Ivereigh, we do have what he didn’t say. Pope Francis delivered a note to him saying “I didn’t say ‘my’ nor did I say ‘enemy’” We still actually don’t know what he actually did say, though.

And, let me add a disclaimer to all this: The Pope certainly has the authority to remove +Burke’s apartment and stipend privileges. The authority to do something is very different from the correctness of doing it. Just because a pope is allowed to do something does not make it prudent. The Holy Spirit isn’t in charge of everything the pope says or does, like slapping a woman’s hand or dropping a bunch of profanities in front of seminarians. Is he free to do it? Sure. Good idea? No. Guided by the Holy Spirit? Of course not. Let’s just admit that he has a bit of a problem with his temper and ego.

The question most Catholics have in response to the decision of Pope Francis to remove the Vatican privileges of Cardinal Raymond Burke will not be, “why did he do this?” but “what on earth took him so long?

Yeah, no. This is not the burning question on peoples’ minds. I’m not even sure if anyone has a question about this situation. Austen needs to surround himself with more than those who think just like him. I could help him out but he blocked me ages ago.

The Pope is an astonishingly patient man,

Wait, what?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! (Gasp!) Are we talking about the same Pope Francis? I’m reasonably sure even Austen’s posse doesn’t believe that.

and he loves to give people second chances.

Oh, I agree, but it’s the wrong people. Marko Rupnik, rapist of sisters, got many chances. Or how about Bp. Gustavo Zanchetta? Where are we with those canonical proceedings?  Yes, we all know that the friends of the pope get many, many chances.

Anyone who has followed the activities, speeches, and shenanigans of the traditionalist American cardinal this past decade will have been amazed at how Burke has been allowed constantly to undermine the pope’s authority, setting himself against the papacy as a counter-magisterium, and building a lucrative career portraying himself as the true guardian of the tradition.

This pretty much sums up Austen’s belief about many, many American prelates. Sorry, Austen. No counter-magisterium, but he is definitely a guardian of the Faith as it is, not as you wish it to be. I’m sorry that you have so much trouble with Cardinal Burke doing what his vocation calls for. I realize that asking for clarification and letting the Holy Father know that ambiguity is hurting the Church (and it is) is a problem for you and your minions, but it’s not for the rest of us. Paul withstood Peter to his face, didn’t he, Austen? Do you remember any restrictions placed on Paul? Do you remember Peter claiming disunity? Did Peter accuse Paul of setting up a counter-magisterium?

But while the Pope’s patience personally is virtually limitless,

Again, does Austen really think anyone’s buying what he is selling? I guess you have to give him credit for tenacity. He’s just going to keep saying it until people think it’s true.

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