Court Orders Vatican to Turn Over Messages Between Parolin and Peña Parra

According to a report by the Telegraph, a UK court has ordered the Vatican to turn over confidential texts and emails between Italian Cardinal Pietro Parolin and Venezuelan Archbishop Edgar Peña Parra, the top two officials in the Secretariat of State, despite claims from a Vatican official that doing so would constitute a “grave sin.”

The ruling came in a lawsuit filed in the UK by Italian-born financier Raffaele Mincione, one of ten defendants charged with various forms of embezzlement, fraud and misrepresentation in the Vatican’s long-running “trial of the century,” currently set for a verdict in mid-December.

Mincione, who does much of his business in the UK, originally filed suit against the Vatican’s Secretariat of State before the Court of Appeal for England and Wales in June 2020, alleging damage to his reputation as a result of the Vatican prosecution. The UK court originally held that the case should be delayed until the Vatican trial was over, but reversed that ruling in July 2022.

As part of the filings in the case, attorneys for Mincione and his Athena Capital Fund requested access to a series of emails and messages on platforms such as WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram between Parolin and Peña Parra related to the controversial purchase of a former Harrod’s warehouse in London which is at the heart of the Vatican prosecution.

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