Pride Funeral Mass Held for Two Homosexuals Who Killed Each Other

Two homosexuals, Jesus Baena, 39, and Dorian Nieves, were found stabbed to death in their home in Aguascalientes, Mexico, on Monday morning.

The deaths prompted protests amongst LGBTQ+ supporters who believed this to be a hate crime.

Police told that “foul play is not suspected at this time.” Local prosecutors think that Nieves stabbed Baena to death before taking his own life. Baena was a judge and a vitriolic anti-Catholic activist who mocked the Church and Our Lady.

As a final mockery, the two were buried with a Catholic funeral in the Cathedral of Aguascalientes. Homosex flags were placed over their coffins during the Eucharist.


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Jesús Baena (pictured), who in October 2022 became Mexico’s first openly nonbinary magistrate, was found dead alongside their partner at the couple’s home in the central state of Aguascalientes