Pray for Bishop Strickland and the Church

NOTE: We are in the midst of a terrible spiritual battle between the forces of good and evil. As such, we must primarily rely on spiritual weapons to prevail in this battle (see Ephesians 6:13-15). Please consider including the following prayer in your daily petitions.

Heavenly Father,

You alone have the power to bring good out of evil.
We pray for your servant, Bishop Strickland, that in the midst of this present chaos, You will help him to rise above the natural level injustice and grant him the grace to see the events unfolding in his life from a supernatural perspective.
Grant Bishop Strickland the insight to recognize Your holy will in this situation and to understand that this is how you are making him a Saint.
Please bless the Pope and the entire hierarchy of the Church so that is all things they may strive to do Your holy will.

Lord Jesus Christ, Who suffered and died for Your Spouse, the Church, we pray that You will strengthen the Church as she endures her passion to be united entirely to You. Grant us all the grace to remember Your promise that the jaws of hell will not prevail against Your Church.
As the faith of the Church remained alive solely in the person of Your Mother as she awaited Your resurrection from the dead, so now raise up the faithful remnant who will maintain the faith while awaiting the resurrection of Your most holy Spouse, the Church.

God the Holy Spirit, we pray that You will fill the hearts of Your faithful so that in the midst of the darkness and confusion that have overtaken the Church, we will remain faithful in Your Church and say with St. Peter: Lord, to whom shall we go?
You have the words of everlasting life.
Fill our minds with Your truth, our hearts with Your love, and our souls with Your peace and Your life. Keep always at the forefront of our minds that our faith is in You alone,the Lord Jesus Christ, Who lives and reigns with the Father and the Holy Spirit, God for ever and ever.