Archbishop Viganò: Bergoglio’s Intention is to Harm Souls, Discredit the Church, and Offend God

Just when the latest statement by Jorge Mario Bergoglio had not yet finished causing scandal among the faithful and causing division among the Shepherds, behold, a new one is added, no less damaging, that tears yet another wound in the tortured body of the Church.

The dicastery recently published, with the date of 31 October 2023, its “Responses to some questions by His Excellency Monsignor José Negri, Bishop of Santo Amaro in Brazil, about the participation in the sacrament of baptism by transgender and homoaffective persons” (an unofficial English translation can be found here).

Beyond the hypocritical definition of “homoaffective people” – as if one could separate homosexual identity from the intrinsically sinful exercise of unnatural sexuality that defines it – this document represents a further departure from Catholic doctrine, not only for the questions it agrees to answer, not so much for the answers it formulates, but also and above all due to the effects that its interpretation in the media will have on the faithful – an interpretation that is significantly consistent with the so-called “inductive method” theorized by Bergoglio himself in another document on the study of sacred theology.

According to this theory – condemned by Pius XII – it is necessary “to start from the different contexts and concrete situations in which people find themselves, allowing oneself to be seriously questioned by reality, to become a discerner of the signs of the times.” It is no coincidence that all over the media, as of November 8, the headlines read, “The Vatican opens to trans and gays;” “Yes to divorced people as godparents;” “Trans people will be able to be baptized, a turning point for the Vatican.”

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