Pope Francis Asks Thousands of Children to Chant ‘Nature is our Future’ at Vatican Event

Welcoming thousands of children to the Vatican on Monday, Pope Francis fielded selected questions and heavily focused on imparting his support for “climate change” talking points to them.

In a meeting organized by the Vatican’s Dicastery for Culture and Education, Pope Francis hosted around 7,000 children in the Paul VI Audience Hall for an encounter on the theme “Let’s Learn from Boys and Girls.”

The pinnacle of the event was Francis’ presence in the Audience Hall with the children, where he fielded a series of pre-approved questions, and read back his answers. Yet while the event was themed “Let’s Learn from Boys and Girls,” the prominent theme was Pope Francis’ devotion to promoting the “climate change” agenda.

Of the 14 questions posed to the Pope by children from around the world, four were specifically devoted to discussing the environment. Other questions focused on the continuing conflicts in various countries across the globe.

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