Catholics Helped Pass the Most Radical Pro-Abortion Law in the Nation

Excerpt of article from Brian Burch as Catholic Vote:

We will be digging into the data in the coming weeks, but we know a substantial number of Catholics voted to enshrine abortion into Ohio law yesterday. This despite the fact that the bishops and priests of Ohio stepped up. They preached, promoted, and even helped fund the effort to stop this radical change to the Ohio constitution. Yesterday we even heard that one bishop was personally removing pro-abortion signs unlawfully placed on church property.

However, we have to be honest with ourselves. A three-month push can’t make up for three decades of (mostly) ignoring the issue.

From the failure to catechize, to the ignoring (or excusing) of pro-abortion politicians, to the pathetic equating of abortion with issues like climate change – all these factors have had a devastating impact. If Catholics can’t get their act together, how can we expect to persuade others of our belief in the sanctity of every human life?

Ask yourself this: how many cardinals or bishops outside of Ohio spoke out on this?

Put another way, if another state like Louisiana decided to put an amendment re-instituting segregation on the ballot, do you think anyone would have spoken up? You can be sure the calls of condemnation would have been heard across the country, including from the Vatican.

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