US Apostolic Nuncio Receives Blowback for Slamming the Traditional Latin Mass

Pope Francis’ Apostolic Nuncio to the United States, the recently named Cardinal Christophe Pierre, is being criticized for remarks about traditional vocations that are seen as being out of touch with reality.

During an interview with left-wing America magazine this week, Pierre appeared to admit that while “seminaries are now empty” it is still not a good thing that young men are wanting to offer the Latin Mass. 

“We are in the church at a change of epoch,” the 77-year-old Pierre claimed. “People don’t understand it. And this may be the reason why most of the young priests today dream about wearing the cassock and celebrating Mass in the traditional way.”

“In some ways, they are lost in a society which has no security, and all of us when we feel lost look for some security,” he continued. “But which kind of security?”

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