Campaign for Human Development Grantee Collects Pornographic LGBTQ Books for Minors at Youth Center

Over the years, the Catholic Campaign for Human Development has provided grants to the organization called Congregations United to Serve Humanity (CUSH).  From 2012-2018, the CCHD provided a total of $202,000 to CUSH, after which time it hadn’t received a grant again until the 2021-2022 grants cycle.  The recently published CCHD grants list for 2021-2022 shows that CUSH received a grant of $45,000 for that year.

On September 29 of this year, Kenosha News reported that CUSH was planning to hold a book drive to collect “banned books” to “help stock [a] proposed LGBTQ youth center.”  The books are said to be intended for “a library at a proposed Kenosha-based LGBTQ center for middle and high school youth.”  From the article:

“The reason we’re doing this is really to raise awareness,” said CUSH organizer Lori Hawkins. “There’s a lot of books that are on the banned books list and have been in the past that we think people will be surprised to learn about. But we’re really looking at getting books that we can put into this library for the LGBTQ youth center.”

On October 5, 2023, Kenosha News interviewed Lori Hawkins, CUSH’s executive director and community organizer about the “Banned Books” drive.

At 2:29 in the Kenosha news segment, “Gender Queer” is being held by a CUSH volunteer, alongside “The LGBTQ+ History Book,” “All Boys Aren’t Blue,” and “This Book is Gay,” all of which are aimed at grooming children and young adolescents.

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