Dutch Bishop Blasts Synod, Says He Will ‘Obviously’ Not Bless Sin

In a scathing post on his personal blog, Paarse Pepers, Bishop Rob Mutsaerts, auxiliary bishop of Den Bosch in the Netherlands asks hard questions about the “Synod on synodality” which Pope Francis has chosen to convene and whose first episode will draw to a close this week. His main concern is the total lack of clarity coming from the Pope, because while people in and around the Synod are insisting that it is not about changing the teachings of the Church, but about answering the question: what is synodality, what is actually happening is most certainly “about theology and doctrine,” he writes.

This becomes clear from Bishop Mutsaerts’ quotes of people who have been expressly invited by the Pope to speak at the Synod, and also from the list of people Pope Francis has gone out of his way to listen to and who are well-known for opposing the Church’s teaching on moral issues.

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