The Universal Call to Lassitude

I’m done trying to save souls. Oh, sure, I’ll work hard to save my own, my wife’s, and those of the good people who buy my books. But as for the rest, they can go to Hell. Literally. They’ve made their choice, and I see little point in arguing with them about it.

Catholics use reason to guide our lives according to the Faith, to live by the Christian virtues. Agnostics and atheists use reason to justify their actions, which is why their arguments against the Faith are, almost inevitably, an ill-assorted grab bag of rationalizations for rejecting something they don’t want. Why bother trying to sell it to them?

While skeptics these days are emboldened and made popular by the lemming-like suicide of our culture as it flies off into the abyss, for any properly catechized person, the skeptics’ superficiality and lack of common sense points back to the Faith.

Granted, this is easier when one is older, more experienced, jaded, and contemplating the folly of man over a tumbler of Laphroaig. For instance, I never fell for Christopher Hitchens’ mockery of religion because I knew Hitchens to be a hugely entertaining writer who frequently got his facts wrong and then framed those false facts to suit his prejudices. I learned not to take Hitchens seriously from long experience of reading him (when he was more focused on politics).

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