Pro-Homosexual Clerics Charged with Drafting Final Synod Report

Two “special secretaries,” Jesuit Father Giacomo Costa and Msgr. Riccardo Battocchio, are charged with preparing the Synod document.

As well as withholding the names of who is seated in which small groups, the Vatican is also declining to share with journalists the complete list of those who will be drafting the final synthesis report that will bring together all the contributions of the small groups and the General Congregations.

Synod chief spokesman Paolo Ruffini told reporters on Oct. 11 that the main drafters, the Synod’s two special secretaries, are being assisted by synodal “experts” whom he called “sherpas” but added that “it makes no sense to give their names.”

Some synod participants as well as some members of the ordinary council — prelates who play an important role in assisting in the overall running of the synod — have also not been informed of precisely who is drafting the document, according to Register sources.

Ruffini told reporters it is “enough to know” the names of the 13 members of the synthesis report commission, announced Oct. 10, whose task, according to the synod statutes, “is not to write, but to periodically supervise, amend and approve the preparation of the draft of the report with a view to its presentation to the assembly.”

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