Pope Francis Thanks LGBT Activist for His ‘Ministry’ in Handwritten Letter

Pope Francis personally thanked an LGBTQ activist for his “ministry” in a handwritten note after the man explained the nature of his “outreach” in a letter to Francis.

The Catholic Diocese of Lexington, Kentucky recently published the note from Francis to Stan “J.R.” Zerkowski, who is the leader of three LGBTQ organizations that operate through diocesan Catholic churches.

The ministries openly reject Catholic Church magisterial teaching on homosexual lifestyles and affirm “transgender” and “non-binary” identities.

Zerkowski explained in a message posted on the Lexington diocese website, “Recently, I wrote to Pope Francis, telling him about Fortunate Families, LGBTQ Ministry Historic St. Paul, and the Diocesan LGBTQ Outreach Commission. I explained what we do locally and nationally with parishes, the hierarchy, educational institutions, etc. I wanted him to hear from the lay people in this ministry.”

Zerkowski’s Facebook page shows that he is chair of the Diocese of Lexington’s LGBT Outreach Commission, director of LGBTQ Ministry at historic Saint Paul Catholic Church, and executive director at Fortunate Families, which works “to establish intentional Catholic LGBTQ+ Ministry Sites in dioceses.”

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